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Indigenous Impact Investment

IndiEnergy is a majority Indigenous owned company that is intent on building an impact investment portfolio for a blend of commercial and social return.

We are investing and building companies that we believe can excel commercially through a strong client focus, best in class technology, strong partner management, track record and infrastructure.

Achieving commercial objectives with Indigenous outcomes is a key focus.

Roadhouse Investments (IRI)

  • Property investment syndication – bulk fueling stations, 144 accommodation units, restaurants, mini-marts and driver lounges
  • 15 year triple-net lease with strong tenant
  • Average 7 year cash distribution of 15.8%
  • Indigenous co-investment


  • Digital transformation and telecommunications
  • Strong global award winning partners
  • Next Generation innovation
  • Form and data management through digital conversion
  • Voice over the Internet Protocol (VOIP)


  • Commercial Solar projects
  • Strong Industry partnership
  • On-Grid projects supported by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Supply Nation Certified