IndiEnergy believes that the critical path to identifying a commercial opportunity is to start with ‘solving a client challenge’.

Whilst we won’t deny the emergence of the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and Supply Nation is a major boost to “indigenous certified” companies around Australia, we are also only as good as the product and service we provide.

IndiEnergy, through our subsidiaries and industry partners want to be judged on our performance in solving a clients challenge, not the nature of our Indigenous heritage. Our number one objective is that once working for a client, they will forget the fact we are majority Indigenous owned because the product and service we provide is of such a high standard, that it improves their own business and eco-system.

Viewing the macro-opportunity of IndiIT for instance, is around solving the target client’s own operational challenges by utilising the best innovative products on the market. Digitisation for processes or use over PCs, tablets and smart phones, form conversion, predictive use of analytics and telecommunications via the internet are all emerging areas which will become tomorrows standard. We simply approached the guys in the market who are the best at it.

Supply Nation Certified